Oak Forest Trail

Location: Minnow Lake
Parking: 1 parking lot at 1127 Bancroft Dr
Directions: The trail entrace is located on Bancroft Dr. A Rainbow Routes trail marker is visible from the road. Start along the paved trail and follow the path to the left of the building. Continue on the trail up the natural rock. Free parking is available at Rainbow Routes Association.

Modes of Transportation: walk, snowshoe
Length: 2 km
Level of Difficulty: moderate
Trail Surface: natural, paved
Trail Type: loop
Trail Head: 17 T 503131 5148967

Trail Highlights:

  • Nearby Blueberry Hill Trail
  • Three separate entrances
  • Numerous lookout locations for views of the city
  • Benches located next to the lake, near the main trail entrance

Trail Map: