City of Greater Sudbury (CGS)

The City and RRA often collaborate on trails and active transportation opportunities. The RRA has a legal agreement with the CGS to develop pre-approved trails on City owned or control property. We are entrusted to provide leadership and expertise in the development of trails in Greater Sudbury. We provide planning and development input on trail and active transportation matters to advance a convenient, safe and well-used trail system connecting the City of Greater Sudbury. Examples of collaborations includes:

Sustainable Mobility Advisory Panel (SMAP)

The RRA is a working member of the SMAP, who's mandate is to assist staff and Council in implementing a vision for a holistic approach to a multi-model transportation system where citizens can walk, cycle and/or use public transit efficiently and safely to get to their destinations. Visit the SMAP website for more information.

Sustainable Mobility Plan (SMP)

The SMP was initiated by the Healthy Community Cabinet in 2010 to coordinate and encourage walking, cycling and other forms of active transportation as a means of getting to places where people live, work, learn and play. The RRA was commissioned by the Healthy Community Cabinet and the CGS to complete the report. The full report can be obtained on the SMAP website.

Greater Sudbury's Recreation App

Visit the City of Greater Sudbury's Recreation Map to view their Interactive Recreation App showing Rainbow Route trails, cycling routes, connectors, attractions and more.