Lake Laurentian Conservation Area to Moonlight Beach (TGT)

This trail is included on the Greater Sudbury segment of The Great Trail

Location: Lake Laurentian, south of Ramsey Lake
Parking: 2 parking lots; 2420 S Bay Rd and Moonlight Beach Rd
Directions: The trail entrance is located off of S Bay Rd on the right side, before entering the BioSki Cross-Country Club. A Rainbow Routes trail marker sign is visible from the road. Free parking is available at the BioSki Club. An alternate entrance is located on Moonlight Beach Rd past Camp Sudaca. Stay straight on this path through the trees. Free parking is available off of Moonlight Beach Rd at Moonlight Beach.

Modes of Transportation: walk, bike, cross-country ski
Length: 3.5 km
Level of Difficulty: moderate
Trail Surface: gravel, boardwalk
Trail Type: linear
Trail Head: 17 T 504513 5145075

Trail Highlights:

  • Extends from Moonlight Beach to Laurentian University
  • Several Self-Guided Nature Trails
  • Picturesque views of Lake Laurentian