About Us

Rainbow Routes Association is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization and registered charity. We are dedicated to Greater Sudbury's urban transformation towards a more vibrant place. We advance and promote trails and non-motorized routes to provide people with active, healthy and affordable recreation and transportation opportunities.

Our 2016-2020 Strategic Plan identifies high level priorities in:

  1. Infrastructure development of non-motorized routes and trails;
  2. Promotion of routes, active transportation and sustainable mobility;
  3. Partnerships and collaborations to identify needs and maximize opportunities;
  4. Sustainable operations with a strong volunteer network.

Organizational Structure

The Executive Director manages the organization’s operations and activities under the strategic direction of an elected board of directors. All must be passionate about active transportation and our connection to nature through trails.

The dedicated volunteers of our Community forming the 2016 Board of Directors are:

  • Ursula Sauve, President
  • Steve Reitzel, Vice President
  • Ciara You, Treasurer
  • Carol Craig, Secretary
  • Jessica Watts, Director
  • Stanley Koren, Director
  • Gillian Schultze, Director
  • Tomasz Mrozewski, Director
  • Peter Beckett, Director
  • John Hall, Director

Current Staff:

  • Daniel Barrette, Executive Director
  • Véronique Charbonneau, Project Manager