Junction Creek Waterway Park

The Junction Creek Waterway Park (JCWP) is Greater Sudbury's unique non-motorized trail system that connects the urban community. The JCWP will serve the city as a path to promote active living/healthy lifestyle, a gateway to the natural environment, a corridor for civic engagement and lastly, as a route toward economic growth. The JCWP is a beautification project in the making that enhances our community image and pride.

The Rainbow Routes Association (RRA) is a member of the the Connect-the-Creek Partnership, formed in 2010 with the vision and sole purpose to "complete a linear park where residents of Sudbury and visitors to the City can connect back to nature in the heart of our urban environment". The JCWP is over 80% complete and efforts to fully connect the system are ongoing.

Junction Creek Waterway Park Trails: