Cycling Route: Ramsey Lake Cycle Tour de Sudbury

The Ramsey Lake Cycle Tour de Sudbury takes cyclists around Ramsey Lake via dedicated bike lanes, trails and some on-road sections.

From Downtown Sudbury, follow the dedicated bike lane east on Howey Drive from the intersection of Van Horne Street and Howey Drive. The bike lanes continue on to Bellevue Ave, then Bancroft Drive in Minnow Lake. Follow Bancroft Drive to Moonlight Beach Road, then follow Moonlight Beach Road south to Moonlight Beach and through Camp Sudaca. From Camp Sudaca follow the trail west through the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area to the end of South Bay Road (click for details). Follow South Bay road to the Ramsey Lake Path paralleling Ramsey Lake Road. At the end of the path ride on the road to Paris Street and head north) onto the separated bike path. Follow the path through Bell Park and exit via Elizabeth Street. Follow Elizabeth Street north to Edmund. Riding west on Edmund a short distance you will see the Nelson Street Bridge which crosses over the CP Rail Yard. This will bring you to Elgin Street, turn to the east for a short distance to Morris Street. Head northeast on Morris. This will bring you back to your starting point at Vanhorne and Howey.

Ramsey Lake Cycle Tour de Sudbury Satellite Map