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Meet our hike leaders!


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ALbert Sieve

Neighbourhood: Donovan/Flour Mill

Hike Leader Style: Bushwhacking, adventuring, exploring

Where and When I Like to Hike: Everywhere! Though I prefer discovering little known trails in our own backyards

Why did I become an EXPLORE Sudbury hike leader: Because I believe passionately in this cause. I think our community is too car-oriented, and I’d like for people to see that there are other ways to get around; walking, cycling, etc… and help more people feel good about themselves and the city that we live in, although I find more and more people are beginning to saying just how awesome it is to live in this Sudbury!


Allison Easton

Neighborhood: New Sudbury.

Hike Leader Style: Urban Poling. I get the workout done but don’t forget to stop once in a while and notice the beauty around us. I simply love nature and watching the seasons change!

Where I like to Hike: I lead hikes in New Sudbury, but I will hike anyplace that has trees, even better with a climb and a view and great company. Exploring all the trails and routes our city has to offer truly is like an ongoing adventure close to home.

Why did I become an Urban Poling instructor? After joining the Judy & Muffie's group a year ago with my mom, I enjoyed the activity so much I decided to become an instructor. Finding an exercise program that offers a total body workout with the component of fresh air, discovering new places and meeting new faces seemed like a great idea, and I love to see people get excited about something new.


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Toni Calabrese

Neighbourhood: Downtown/Ramsey Lake

Hike Leader Style: Boardwalker

Where and When I like to Hike: Ramsey Lake Boardwalk any time

Why did I become an EXPLORE Sudbury hike leader: I'm an avid walker and would like to share our hidden gem, Ramsay Lake with others.




Pat Jackson

Neighbourhood: Crooked lake/South End

Hike Leader Style: Trail Blazer / Bushwhacker

When and Where I Like to Hike: Anywhere. And mornings - I’m a morning person

Favourite Trail/Route: The whole junction creek trail, from Copper Cliff to Maley Drive

Paul Haynes.jpg

Paul Haynes

Neighbourhood: History knows no boundaries.

Hike leader style: Sharing stories of people, places and events that have shaped our local history while enjoying leisurely walks through urban streets, parks and trails.

Why did I decide to become an EXPLORE Sudbury hike leader: Few cities combine such a fascinating geological history and a colourful modern history. I think it’s a great way for me to share my knowledge and interest in local history and, at the same time, learn from other XPLR Sudbury leaders and participants.

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Sharon Roy

Message to Participants: I was born in Sudbury, raised my children here, and am just returning after an 18 year absence and my Explore Sudbury hikes tend to reflect my own rediscovery of this amazing city. I like to partner with local organizations to design walks that take us to various points of interest along streets we often travel along but rarely have opportunity to look at closely. I also love “forest bathing,” and it was a longing for the sound of the wind blowing in pines and lake water lapping that brought me back to Sudbury.


Stanley Koren

Neighbourhood(s): University - TCT - Lake Laurentian Conservation Area -Minnow Lake - Flour Mill - Gatchell - Little Britain - Coniston - Wahnapitae Hike Leader Style: Develop signature routes that continuously evolve and improve based on feedback. I also love to explore new trails.

When and where I like to hike: Early morning or in evening in Conservation area.

Why did I become an Explore Sudbury Hike Leader?: To help introduce as many people as possible to amazing Sudbury trails at their doorstep and to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

If I could be any animal, what would I be and why?: I would like to be a Raven - because they are super acrobatic flyers, smart, show empathy, communicate by gestures and they can survive all year round in Sudbury at 40 above or 40 below.

(In Backfit Bicycle Box)

(In Backfit Bicycle Box)

Daniel Barrette

Neighbourhood: Robinson Playground

Hike Leader Style: In-your-backyard-hiking, utilitarian trail use, family walks

Message to Participants:My feet are my favourite mode of transportation. I tend to be more of a utilitarian hiker but I've learned to enjoy the classic hike just as much. It allows you to enjoy the slower pace of life and the simple beauties.