History Hikes

The City of Greater Sudbury has a lively history which has been revived through our History Hikes Project.  There are five urban History Hike routes that have been featured throughout the City. Each route includes a self-guided tour pamphlet and a Memory Sign to help modern-day adventurers relive times past. For more information about each route and to download a copy of the pamphlets click on the corresponding link
  1. Downtown (en Français)
  2. McNaughton Subdivision (en Français)
  3. Flour Mill (en Français)
  4. Copper Cliff (en Français)
  5. Capreol (en Français)

 Made possible by generous funding from:  FedNor, the Government of Canada, and the City of Greater Sudbury.

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McNaughton Subdivision Memory Sign (below)

McNaughton Subdivision Memory Sign

Downtown Memory Signs (below)

Downtown Memory SignDowntown Memory Sign