In addition to noted highlights and accomplishments, the association is a member of a number of City advisory panels and community groups and actively participate in numerous community initiatives that support active transportation and healthy living opportunities. Details can be found in our annual reports to the community.


  • New Sudbury Trail - New 3.9km Multi-Use Trail in New Sudbury
  • Advancement of JCWP New Sudbury Connection and Trails Plan
  • Launch of Explore Sudbury - volunteer driven guided urban hiking
  • Events Launch: Sudbury Camino, Sudbury Celebrate By Bike


  • 2016-2020 Strategic Plan released
  • Copper Cliff Balsam multi-use path completed
  • Trails4Life program completion
  • Launched new website
  • Continuation of Hike Club, Jane's Walk, Commuter Challenge, Bike Valet


  • TCT Lake Laurentian Trail
  • 3rd edition trail map published
  • Trailhead signs repair
  • Installation of Kevin Chisholm Memorial Bench
  • Strategic Planning Retreat (2016-2020 direction)
  • Continuation of Trails4Life, Hike Club, Jane's Walk, Commuter Challenge, Bike Valet


  • Cross St & Douglas St connector (part of TCT & JCWP)
  • On going TCT Lake Laurentian Conservation Area trail upgrades
  • Trails4Life program launch & Transfer of Sudbury Cycles
  • Take a Hike videos season 3
  • Continuation Hike Club, Jane's Walk, Commuter Challenge


  • JCWP Fisher Wavy Trail (Kelly Lake to Martindale Road)
  • Chelmsford Path Paving
  • Elgin Greenway design development
  • Take a Hike videos season 2
  • Completion of Sudbury Cycles
  • Bike exchanges, bike safety rodeos, bike valet parking
  • Continuation of Hike Club, Jane's Walk, Commuter Challenge


  • Riverside & St. Catherine's Street switchback
  • Robinson Trail Extension
  • Jean Tellier Trail
  • Refurbishment & Extension of Lily Creek Boardwalk
  • Sudbury Cycles: bike exchanges, valet parking, safety rodeos
  • Community work days
  • CAN-Bike instructors


  • Launched Sudbury Cycles Project
  • TCT Concept Plan (Sudbury to North Bay)
  • Northern Life Community Builder's Award


  • Ramsey Lake Path
  • 2nd Edition Trail Map released
  • Launched new website
  • Sustainable Mobility Plan


  • Robinson Lake Trail
  • Copper Cliff Trail - Bridge installation
  • Learn Through Trails program completion
  • RRA becomes a registered charity


  • Hike Club is born
  • Copper CLiff Trail construction commentces
  • Published Sudbury History Hikes
  • Learning Through Trails (year 2)
  • Geocache Hide n' Seek


  • Bethel Lake Trail
  • JCWP Sagebush to Maley Drive
  • Launch of Learning Through Trails
  • Published Self-Guided Trail Tours booklet
  • New trailhead implemented


  • Garson Park Trail
  • Langdon Park Trail
  • Selkirk Trail Extension
  • 1st Edition Trail Map