Hillfield Trail (TCT)

Location: Lively
Parking: 2 parking lots; 1 Mikkola Road and 345 Fielding Road
Directions: One parking lot is located off of Fielding Road at Fielding Memorial Park. The entrance to Hillfield trail is directly across the road from the entrance to the parking lot. There is a second parking located off of Mikkola Road at the Kingsmen Sports Complex. Looking from the road, the trail begins at the far right in the parking lot.

Modes of Transportation: walk, bike, mountain bike, snowshoe
Length: 2 km
Level of Difficulty: easy to moderate
Trail Surface: hardpack, natural, boardwalks, stairs
Trail Type: linear
Trail Head: 17 T 490868 5141293

This trail is barrier free for the first 750 metres running west from Fielding Road

Trail Highlights:

  • Connects Hillcrest Park to Fielding Memorial Park
  • Plenty of bird watching opportunities
  • Features bridges, hilly terrain, and wooded ravines
  • Features stairs that include bike ramps
  • Includes fairy houses in trees and troll huts built of sticks near the troll bridge
  • Look for the painted 'puzzle' stones to organize and rearrange!
  • Tales on the Trails