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The Sudbury Camino

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What is the Sudbury Camino?

Inspired by the famous El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage routes, the Sudbury Camino is a challenge initiated by Rainbow Routes Association (RRA) in 2017. In the future, Rainbow Routes would like to once again lead an all day Camino hike, but in the meantime interested persons are encouraged to partake in the Camino challenge with friends and family.

The Challenge

The Sudbury Camino is a 28 km journey beginning at Fielding Park and ending at Moonlight Beach. Issued last year, the challenge remains for interested participants to travel as much of the route as possible. This route offers an authentic and unique Camino-like experience while enabling the discovery of Greater Sudbury's portion of the Great Trail (Trans Canada Trail). The Camino covers only a section of the 93 km Sudbury segment of the Trans Canada Trail.

How to Prepare

Although portions of the Sudbury Camino route are in urban areas, a fair amount utilizes forested areas. Each section difficulty is rated as follows:

  • Section 1: Fielding Park to Southview Greenhouse: moderate
  • Section 2: Southview Greenhouse to the Downtown Market: moderate
  • Section 3: The Market to Living with Lakes: easy
  • Section 4: Living with Lakes to Bioski Cottage: difficult
  • Section 5: Bioski to Moonlight Beach: easy

When preparing for your Camino journey, consider the diverse landscape and section distances. We recommend you bring the following items:

  • 2 refillable water bottles
  • Adequate footwear (closed toed, water resistant)
  • Appropriate clothing (hat, layers, long pants)
  • Bug spray & sunscreen
  • First aid kit
  • Food for the day
  • Medication (as required)
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